The Insta360 GO is the world’s smallest stabilised camera


Insta360’s latest product is a tiny stabilized camera that mounts anywhere. The Insta360 Go uses its innovative form factory and AI-powered smart editing to make capturing moments in your life effortless.

The 20g gimbal

Insta360 calls it the Ant-Man of cameras for all the right reasons. Weighing in at 18.3g, the camera can capture angles and go to places other cameras do not. And it never gets in the way. When wearing it, the GO enables seamless, hands-free shooting so users can capture experiences in the spur of the moment. With its magnetic body, you can even clip the GO to just about anything without having to wear it. At the same time, the camera is IPX4 water-resistant, ready for splashes, rain and submersion in water for up to 10 seconds.

Shooting video with the GO is equally simple, where pressing its button once records a clip for up to 30 seconds. The GO supports shooting at up to 100FPS so creators can slow things down and hone in on the action. Usually, it is ready for capturing about 200 clips a day before it needs to slip into the charge case for recharging on the fly in your pocket.

Because of the nature of its build, the camera is equipped well for a bumpy ride too. The GO keeps footage smooth using Insta360’s signature FlowState stabilisation, which is the secret ingredient to getting great footage anytime, anywhere.

FlashCut auto editing

With the camera, you not only save time while capturing footage but also when editing it. FlashCut auto editing can find your best shots and combine them into a stylised edit using AI. It can sort content based on theme and quality of shot composition.

This makes it easier for users to share content in a few taps. However, for creators who want more hands-on access, the GO app also offers a full-featured editing tool. This allows for tweaking of everything from transitions and colour palette to playback speed. Within this editor, creators can combine footage from the GO and their smartphone, ensuring their best shots are showcased.

Availability and pricing

You can currently buy the Insta 360 GO from here. The camera can be laser-engraved to give it a personal touch. The GO comes standard with a range of accessories for charging and mounting, including the charge case, magnet pendant, pivot stand, easy clip and sticky base. It is priced at $231 (Dh849).

You can even choose to customise your own InstaGo with engravings when you get them!