The Eufy Security by Anker can improve your home security in an instant

Ensure the safety of you and your loved ones with the Eufy Cam2


With home security is more important than ever in the UAE, eufyCam 2 from eufy Security by Anker brings a simple method for new and existing villa as well as apartment owners to set up their home security network. The system offers wire-free installation to make monitoring your home a seamless and hassle-free process providing 24 hours of security with features such as advanced motion detection, sending you alerts anywhere you are, every time it detects a human. It also allows you to trigger an Alarm to alert the surrounding neighborhood if there are any suspicious people outside your house. So, if you are leaving your children at home during work or need a good night’s sleep without worrying about anything, eufyCam 2 is for you.

Suitable for any environment

Packaged with the device, users find everything to setup the security system in an instant. The Homebase 2 and eufyCam 2 are designed to suit any aesthetic with the latter also coming with full IP67 All Weather proofing, waterproofing and dust resistance. Given this, users can install the camera units both indoors and outdoors. Privacy is also taken care of, with its military-grade encryption and local storage ensuring that your personal data will always be safe.

Eufy Security 1
Place the camera anywhere, indoor as well as outdoor, with its variable mounts available in the box
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Mountings required to place the cameras also come out of the box. Users can take advantage of the versatility of the camera design too, either opting for a hardware screw mount or a strong magnetic mount based on preference and position. As for the Homebase 2, it doubles as an important productivity tool supporting Alexa, Google Assistant and encrypted local storage.

Camera features

With eufyCam 2’s Sony STARVIS sensor, the camera is capable of recording and streaming Full HD footage even in low-light conditions. Furthermore, it brings support for features such as human detection, activity zones, two-way communication and smart image enhancement.

Eufy Security 2
Well-built and ready for any environment, the Eufy Cam2 is ideal for home security
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The camera is also loaded with built-in Artificial Intelligence which alerts you only for human detection and avoids sending you unnecessary alerts when an animal or vehicle passes by.

All these features can be accessed via the free eufySecurity application which provides instant notifications, live view and multi-user access. Best of all, there is provision for 16GB of free local storage with no other monthly fees or hidden costs.

One year battery life

As impressive as the eufyCam 2 is, it also brings one year’s worth of battery life on a single charge. This means users can be carefree about their surveillance system and can always rely on it.

Eufy Security 3
The Eufy Home Base keeps all your information safe and secure right in your home
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The eufyCam 2 bundle comes with two cameras and a Homebase 2 unit to connect to your network. For anyone looking for a new home security system or a wire-free solution, this is the ideal choice. You can buy it here and at leading electronic retailers like JumboVirginSharaf DG, Emax, Danube Home, Lulu and online on and

To complete your home security, eufy Security by Anker also has other products for your home security ecosystem with Video Doorbell, Floodlight Cam and the soon to be launched Indoor Cameras.

This content was created in partnership with Anker


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