Tenth anniversary iPhone could sell for more than $1,000

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The iPhone celebrates its tenth birthday this year. A device that pioneered an industry and gave new meaning to the term fanboys spends a lot of time on news cycles throughout the year. It goes without saying Apple is going to make the most of its ardent, almost maniacal following by launching something extravagant this year.

According to a report from Fast Company, an insider with intimate knowledge on what goes on inside the well-guarded Apple walls is teasing fanboys around the world with the prospect of drastically new iPhones this year. Prepare your wallets for the iPhone X (they may also just call it the iPhone 8) that could easily be priced at more than $1,000. Following the iPhone X will be a 4.7-inch 7S as an upgrade to last year’s phone. The iPhone X is rumoured to be Apple’s crowning glory in the shape of massive 5.8-inch edgeless OLED display stretching all across the front. Thanks to Apple’s strict guidelines, only Samsung’s OLED screens fit its requirements and is what will be driving the costs of the iPhone X so high. Apple has apparently throttled the industry’s OLED screen supplies in preparation for its launch.

A long-rumoured feature for the iPhone is the retirement of the home button. The physical button will be replaced with an on-screen one. The iPhone X will have sides made of forged stainless steel instead of aluminum with a glass back replacing its classic metal. It’s likely the buttons on the side will also lose their physical form to touch-sensitive inlays in the metal.

Both iPhones will sport dual-lens cameras similar to the 7 Plus with the X packing a much larger battery than what we saw in the iPhone 7 line-up. The most juicy rumours come in the form of a potential partnership between Apple and Lumentum. According to the sources, Apple plans to incorporate 3D-sensing technologies into its flagship phone. This could mean anything from much better camera performance (yup, it’s possible) to advanced augmented reality features or even a facial recognition system to replace Touch ID.

It’s no surprise to hear fantastic iPhone rumours at the start of the year and even less of a surprise when we see a more different final product in autumn. Apple loves to test features and functionalities over and over before deploying them. If the price tag is true and considering the Apple fan base, it will no doubt garner some raised eyebrows but don’t expect the lines on launch day to be any shorter.