Tech DeKoded — It’s showtime, folks!

LG's bendable display

In a couple of days, thousands of gadgets — from heavyweights and startups — will be jostling for the attention of over 150,000 visitors from 150 countries. Meanwhile, thousands of journos will be flooding the news feeds with stories about high-tech wearables that promise to fix everything from acne to asthma and heartache to backache. Yes, theConsumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 is upon us, and this year official figures note 3,600 exhibitors and 200 plus conference sessions.

A high-tech crystal ball
CESCES is also an interesting peek at what manufacturers think consumers will be lapping up in the year ahead. Of course, some of the ideas on display are so batty, than even the land of crazy gadgets — Japan — ends up rejecting them! But overall, CES is a good source for what you should be putting on your shopping list, as well as removing from it — chances are, that shiny gadget you have been eyeing for months, has already been replaced by something shinier at CES 2016.

Virtually yours
The HTC Vive VR headsetOne item that should look good on your shopping list is a virtual reality headset. VR has been in the news recently, and will be a star attraction at CES 2016. Bloomberg reports more than 40 exhibitors will demonstrate VR products, a 77 percent increase from 2015. This includes a redesigned Vive headset from the troubled HTC, which might just find a new lifeline with VR.

Driving tech
Elsewhere, cars have morphed into smart devices on wheels, drawing in the likes of Google, Baidu and even Apple. Nine of the top 10 car makers will be present at CES this year, showing off everything from smart gesture controls to latest navigation systems. In fact, Fortune observes automotive tech will be one of the “overriding themes” of CES 2016, “dominating more than 200,000 square feet of exhibit space, a 25 per cent increase from 2015’s show.

And yes, TVs!
LG's bendable displayWhere would CES be without TVs?! This year, as the BBC reports, watch out for super-thin and bendable TVs that you can literally peel off the wall. Also expect cheaper OLED displays and fancier remotes that you can wave around to make magic happen. And oh, the buzzword this year is likely to be High Dynamic Range (HDR) — that promises a wider colour gamut and contrast. So if you are in the market for a swanky new TV, do hold on to see what the big brands have up their acronym-starched sleeves.

Of course, we are around to demystify the jargon. As also help you shortlist the best and the most amazing tech coming out this year. Do let us know in the comment below, if there is anything in particular you are looking forward to.