Talabat.com has a lot of good to say about 2016

Talabat.com saw 6,230,115 burgers ordered last year. Six. Million. A feast of numbers from the delivery app


Online food delivery is now a part of our day-to-day lives but it only when you put it into figures that you realise how huge it has become. Talabat.com, which is a highly popular food delivery service in the Middle East and North Africa, started the year by celebrating their its successes in 2016. These numbers will make your stomach growl for some greasy, cheesy food. 

Talabat in 2016

Here’s what you can take away in less than a minute from the video above.

  • Talabat.com sold: 
  1. 6,230,115 burgers
  2. 12,649,002 sodas
  3. 2,282,466 pizzas (whoa!)
  4. 2,228,212 salads 
  • The top three cuisine types were:
  1. Burgers
  2. Sandwiches
  3. Desserts
  • Some more numbers: 
  1. Their app was downloaded 4,352,337 times
  2. 1,493 restaurants came on board, taking the total to 3,180 establishment to choose from
  3. 28 different nationalities working for the company
  4. 13,000 cups of coffee downed by the marketing team (OK then) 
  5. The maximum number of orders being placed on December 2 

Talabat and its history

Talabat received its first order on April 21, 2004. The company has seen immense growth and in February 2015 was acquired by German ecommerce group Rocket Internet. In March of that year, the app became the Middle East arm of Delivery Hero, a member of the Global Online Takeaway Group covering more than 71 countries with a network of over 142,000 restaurants.

Finally…. *disappears to order*


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