Get ready to stream PS4 games on PlayStation Now

'Netflix for games' adds PS4 titles to PS Now streaming service

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is a service by Sony that lets gamers enjoy PS3 titles on their PS4 or PC by streaming them directly. It’s sort of like a Netflix for games service by Japanese tech giant. Currently, PlayStation Now offers almost 500 titles to stream directly, although these are only available in certain regions. Sony has announced, however, that the service will soon be able to allow any and all kinds of gamers to enjoy current PS4 titles as well.

The announcement was made on the PlayStation blog. It said all games in the service, including PS4 titles, will be included with a single PS Now subscription.

As of now, no specific date has been attached to the launch. Sony however says it will begin private tests over the next few weeks. If you are a PS Now subscriber, then there’s a chance you might be invited to a beta testing for the same.

If you’re new to PS Now’s service, it basically offers access to an extensive, continuously expanding library of games. It utilises Sony’s cloud streaming technology, allowing gamers access to the entire catalog of games, letting them select any and start playing almost immediately without needing to wait for downloads. Additionally, PS Now uses cloud saves, allowing you start a game on one PS4 or PC and resume gameplay on another PS4 or PC.

If you haven’t started using the service or aren’t sure that it’s for you, head over to the website and claim your free seven-day trial now.


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