Start-up of the week: Lifepack


In the US, more than 53 million people work as freelancers. That’s 34 per cent of the country’s population. It is a trend that’s happening not only in the US but creeping into most parts of the world. This means there’s an increase in the number of people working from home and on the move.

Working on the move involves carrying a load of items such as gadgets, clothes and even official documents and also issues such as charge on the devices, clutter in the bag and even the security of the aforementioned bag. This is why we’ve chosen Lifepack as our Start-up of the week.


Lifepack is a backpack meant for people who are constantly on the move and carry their life around with them everywhere they go.


The bag comes with a number of features such as a solar battery pack, which is also a portable Bluetooth speaker, a locking mechanism for the bag,  water resistance and premium protection and space for everything in the bag. Oh yeah, it also has a bottle opener.

This isn’t the most original product in the world nor is it the first of its kind. What makes it stand out is the number of things you can do with it and the amount you can store. Personally, I’m constantly on the move and having one, organised place for everything is just perfect. The battery pack can charge an iPhone 6S up to 6 times, which means multiple devices can be charged and the battery pack itself charges while you’re on the move.

My concern though is that the device is currently on Indiegogo for $169 (Dh621) and will retail for $249 (Dh915). Would you spend this much on something that will be an important part of your daily life for the next year or two? Do let us know.