Spyce: Fast food, faster


A group of enterprising young men from MIT have just made it possible to get your fast food even faster than usual. They’ve achieved this through the invention of the Spyce kitchen, which is a fully automated mini restaurant.

This ingenious installation houses a refrigerator, dishwasher, stove top and a, believe it or not, robot chef that can cook and serve meals prepared with fresh ingredients in less than five minutes.

spyce kitchen

The process is pretty simple.

First, you order a meal using the dedicated smartphone app or the touchscreen next to the machine. Ingredients, sauces and quantities can be customised at this stage.

Next, place one of the supplied containers or bowls under the cooking pots.

What follows next is amazing. The ingredients, which are refilled by Spyce staff, are automatically measured to the dish ordered and dispensed on a conveyor belt. They’re then mixed and cooked together in the aforementioned selected cooking pot on top of your bowl.

Once the meal is cooked, it empties itself into the bowl and proceeds to rotate itself into the sink, where it washes itself automatically.

All this is made possible by brilliant engineering and an array of sensors that allow the kitchen to monitor and track the food’s temperature and quality.

The future looks tasty, filling and hassle-free.