Spider-Man PS4: the one you didn’t know you wanted


Marvel and Insomniac Games have joined forces to produce a brand-new, authentic Spider-Man story exclusively for PlayStation 4 and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. A trailer for the upcoming superhero game was shown during Sony’s PlayStation press conference at E3 2016. The game has no connection with the upcoming movie Spiderman: Homecoming, so we can expect a fresh storyline and character development from the creators as well. It’s also been mentioned that this is going to be an open-world game, so more room to flip, zip and crawl through.

In the trailer, we hear the voice of a young kid from Queens who, eventually, is revealed to be none other than our friendly neighbourhood wall-crawler. He’s also struggling to balance his absurdly chaotic personal life and career, as usual. All while roughly nine million citizens of New York blindly depend on him for their safety (No pressure whatsoever).

“Take control of an experienced Peter Parker who is more masterful at fighting crime,” says Insomniac. This could mean that this game is not an origin story but more of a hands-on approach to crime fighting. It has the biggest production team that Insomniac has ever needed on a game and will also be Marvel’s most ambitious gaming project to date.


We can see Spider-Man leaping around a café, before smashing through a window and landing on moving cars. He battles armed and unarmed thugs, using webbing and agility to tie or incapacitate them. He’s later seen leaping from a building that looks to be collapsing and also hanging on to the side of a moving train. All this while donning a cool new suit.


This is the Spider-Man game you didn’t know you wanted, and although no release date was confirmed, we’re ecstatic that it is in the works.


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