Spectacles: Snapchat’s new camera-equipped shades


Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, now renamed Snap, has just unveiled his company’s latest creation: Spectacles. It’s the company’s first hardware since its launch.

The Spectacles are designed to record ten-second videos through a fish-eye lens. A simple tap of the button near the hinge of the sunglasses activates recording in a format that’s supposed to be similar to a human’s field and scope of view. The shades are specifically designed to cover a 115-degree field of view making them different to the footage obtained from regular smartphones and action cameras.

As with most wearables these days, snappers will be able to sync the recorded videos with their mobile devices to share their memories instantly.

Snap says it will launch the glasses for $130 (Dh477) sometime this year, but that only a limited number of pairs will be available. The reason for this is that Snap wants to test the Spectacles in the market before attempting to start full-scale production.


How far this goes can only be realised once it comes out. For somewhere like the UAE, the possibilities are endless. We could expect to see everything from how shawarmas are being made, to real-time traffic jams on Shaikh Zayed Road and even snaps of different events from all the emirates in a radical new format.

Stay tuned to create a spectacle. No pun intended.


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