The Sony Vision-S is an electric concept car that no one expected


Once in a while, we get surprise announcements at CES. And this year, Sony’s Vision-S electric concept sedan takes the cake. The car is meant to highlight the Japanese manufacturer’s many strengths, ranging from entertainment products to camera sensors and more.

An array of technology on-board

The Sony Vision-S features a total of 33 different sensors, both inside and outside the car. You also find multiple displays, 360 audio and always-on connectivity. Some of these pieces of technology come from industry players such as BlackBerry and Bosch. The vehicle has a dashboard-spanning screen on the interior with screens for rear-seat passengers on the head-rests.

The interior of the car looks refreshing and modern (via Sony)

While the car’s newly-designed EV platform appears to have been engineered by automotive supplied Magna, Sony says that the same platform will be able to power other vehicle types, like SUVs.

Familiar exterior design

We cannot help but notice that Sony’s new vehicle looks a lot like a Porsche. This is especially true when you look at the car’s headlights and side profile.

Do you think the Vision-S will ever make it to production? (via Sony)

It certainly has an aerodynamic look to it, which will obviously help with performance. However, not much else was said about the car at CES. Sony only addressed it for a few minutes before ending its press conference leaving a lot of questions in the air.

Just a reference car?

Sony’s CEO Kenichiro Yoshida says that the prototype embodies the company’s contribution to the future of mobility. With that in mind, we wonder if Sony or Magna ever intends to put this car into production. Or will Magna let other companies build their own prototypes or reference cars on the platform? Nothing seems to be set in stone but as long as there is support for playing Gran Turismo on the Sony Vision-S, we are game.


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