Sony WF-SP700N review: A true answer to all fitness buff needs?


The trend of true wireless earphones has comfortably settled in. Various brands, big and small, are catering to users who miss their phone’s headphone jack and are looking for a great audio experience.

The majority among them are athletes and fitness buffs. They want a nice pair of comfortable earphones that are completely untethered, not too sensitive to sweat or water, offer a great audio experience and a reasonable price tag. That’s where the Sony WF-SP700N splash-proof, wireless and noise-cancelling earphones come in.

Sony WF-SP700N: Design and build

Earphones and wings

The earphones and charging case look nice aesthetically but fall a bit flat on function. Out of the box you get the tiny earphones with a rubber tip attached and removable wings. The wings should ensure a good fit for almost any kind of ear. If you’re using the WF-SP700N while working out, as it’s intended to, you’ll need to secure the wings in place because without them, the ear pieces may fall out easily. I had to learn this the hard way on my first day using the earphones on a treadmill.

Charging case

The earphones were oddly tough to get out of the box. After that, I had to spend some time figuring out that I needed to take the wings off the tip to fit the ear pieces into the charging case. So while charging, I needed to make sure I store the wings securely so I didn’t lose them. The charging case is deceptively small and its cover slides away with a flick of a finger to reveal the insides. The case does feel a little flimsy, so I’d be extra careful while carrying it around.


Each earbud has a single button. On the right you can control incoming calls and skip songs but there’s no volume control. I felt that was a big miss and kept reaching for my right ear to control the volume before realising I couldn’t. The left ear gives a single button to toggle the sound style. You get to choose between Ambient Sound, Noise Cancelling and switching it off entirely.

Sony WF-SP700N: Audio

Right out the box, the audio on the WF-SP700N was great. It was a few notches better than the Bose Soundsport, which is my daily pair. You get two main modes to listen on: Ambient Sound and Noise Cancelling. Both worked quite well. While you’re in the gym or jogging on the streets, you’ll want Ambient Sound on for a great audio experience while letting in only little sound from the outside world so you’re not complete unaware of your surroundings. If you like a very focused workout and want to completely drown out the outside world, Noise Cancelling mode does a great job.

The Sony WF-SP700N comes built with the company’s Extra Bass technology. When combined with noise cancellation, it gives music a deeper and punchier bass edge. For some, that may be more bass than required. Users can easily head to the Sony Headphones app where you can play around with the equaliser and sound settings to fit your listening preference.

Sony WF-SP700N: Function

Thanks to its IPX4 rating, the Sony WF-SP700N is splash-proof. That means heavy sweat won’t hurt the electronics of the earphones. According to Sony, even a run in light rain won’t affect them, not that we have that kind of weather often in these parts. On the battery front, the earphones lasted up to four hours comfortably before needing to put them back in its case. At full charge, the case can give two full top-ups to the earphones.

Sony has also touted an exciting update that will be coming soon to the WF-SP700N: Google Assistant. It wasn’t available while testing but Sony has said the update will come in soon so you can have a Google Home device in your ear while you’re at the gym, out on a run or even just at home.

Sony WF-SP700N: Verdict

Having only recently launched in the UAE, I believe these earphones are sure to make a splash. The sound and price point definitely give these an edge above the competition. The Bose SoundSport and the Bang and Olufsen Beoplay E8 are worthy competitors but the Sony WF-SP700N comes packed with functionality they lacked at less of a hit to your wallet. Its design leaves a little to yearn for but the sound quality and comfort make up for it. You can get yours in three colours: black, white and pink.

The Sony WF-SP700N set is available in-store at the Sony Centre in Dubai Mall or any other electronic store across the UAE, for Dh699 including VAT.


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