What to expect from tonight’s PlayStation event

Sony PlayStation Neo

Just as the excitement from the Apple press event subsides today, there will be a resurgence at 11PM (GST) for the Sony PlayStation announcement. If you want to watch the event live, click the image below.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 2.44.07 PM

So what are we expecting today?

PlayStation Neo

The PlayStation Neo was confirmed at E3 in June but without details on the hardware. We know the device will be a superior PS with higher-end graphics and processing power. There’s no news on a launch, but estimates predict early 2017.

PlayStation Slim

While there is no official news from Sony itself on the existence of any such device, multiple leaks (said to be right here from the UAE) prove that Sony is very much working on a slim version. The device will have pretty much the same functions as the original PS4 but will support 4K and HDR.



The PSVR could be mentioned since the upgrades to the Neo would be to enhance the VR experience on the device.

Move and DualShock controllers

There are also rumours circulating about the update of both controllers as certification applications on behalf of Sony were spotted in the wild.