Sony PlayStation 5 shows up in UAE store

Do you think the listing is accurate?


The Sony PlayStation 5 is probably the most anticipated console of this upcoming holiday season. While we are not sure about the console’s price tag or availability, it seems to be already up for pre-order in Carrefour UAE’s online store.

Sony PlayStation 5 up for pre-order

If you follow this link (live at the time of writing), it will take you to what seems like the official pre-order page for the console. Here, you see the PlayStation 5’s press image alongside some information about the reseller, which happens to be a third party one with not much of a track record as far as we know.

Do you think official prices will be similar to this listing? (via Carrefour UAE)

The reseller goes by the name of Space Toon and if you pre-order, you will apparently get the console delivered within 3-4 business days. Sounds a bit sketchy for a console that launches in late 2020 according to Sony.

Sony PlayStation 5 pricing in the UAE

While none of this information is confirmed, the price displayed is important. In the UAE, its retail price is listed at Dh2,699 ($734.84). This may seem slightly higher than the prices we expect the PlayStation 5 to retail for. However, there could multiple reasons for this.

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Are you planning to upgrade to the PlayStation 5? (via Sony)

For starters, console prices in the UAE are traditionally higher than in other regions of the world. However, in recent times, the differences in pricing has definitely reduced. And surrounding speculation of Sony raising its console prices with the PlayStation 5, Sony gaming enthusiasts may have to absorb this higher price tag. Of course, this could very well also be a placeholder listing with no correlation to official pricing whatsoever. But we are tempted to pre-order it.