Sony launches a new slate of high-power audio systems in the UAE


The advent of bluetooth speakers and now smart speakers has pushed the classic home audio systems to the background. Sony has been a long-time leader in creating great sound systems and their latest line up shows exactly that.

Sony is treating consumers with five brand new high power home audio systems. There are three options of the all-in-one box style; MHC-V81D , MHC-V71D and MHC-V41D and 3-box models, the MHC-M80D and MHC-M40D. Sony is boasting unparalleled sound quality with the new systems.

Sony’s all-in-one box: for everyone

These single box systems spread loud and powerful sounds around the room, thanks to an integrated “spread sound generator”. In addition, MHC-V81D is equipped with a 360˚ LIVE SOUND and MHC-V71D with the LIVE SOUND feature for high quality music output. The MHC-V71D and MHC-V81D models are equipped with flashy 360˚party lights that illuminate the room and create the perfect atmosphere. Sony is targeting the elite party animal that loves a good house bash but doesn’t have the space or budget for a club-style setup. A single box that promises this level of sound is an appealing prospect.

To compete with your smart speakers, Sony has added a lot of unique features. There’s something for everyone with these home audio systems. There are even social features: the MHC-V81D, MHC-V71D and MHC-V41D can post on social media with the “Party King” feature. There’s an accompanying “Fiestable” app allowing users to control their home audio systems’ different features. Ever heard of a wireless party? You could have one with Sony’s Wireless Party Chain via Bluetooth feature which can simultaneously connect up to 50 compatible systems. Multiple smartphones can also be connected
to the speaker at the same time to allow different people to play their favorite songs easily.

Sony’s all-in-one box: for musicians

Like to jam with your friends? Need a new amp? These audio systems have a new guitar input mode as well. Sony claims to offer a “revolutionary capability of generating guitar overdrive sound effects.” A bass guitar can also be plugged into the high power home audio systems to boost the bass and produce great sounds without the use of a professional bass guitar amplifier. There’s something for everyone kind of music maker here because even amateur DJs can edit the music with a wave of their hands using the new gesture control feature.

Drummers can make use of the new TAIKO mode. A twist can be added to different songs by tapping the touch panel and enjoying the sounds of a variety of drum samplers. You can drum-off with friends who can tap to the rhythm as well to see who can get the highest score.

Sony’s 3-box model

Sony has also developed 2 new 3-box models. The sleek MHC-M40D can fill up a living room with wide stereo sound. It can work for both day-to-day audio needs as well as weekend parties. It comes equipped with high power amplifiers that Sony claims provide “an impressive and improved level of sound pressure.”

The MHC-M80D on the other hand comes with a speaker and main unit light. Music can be enjoyed from any source, with CD, DVD, HDMI OUT (ARC), USB, Bluetooth and a mic and guitar input as well. The 3-box models are also equipped with Wireless Party Chain via Bluetooth and a Party King mode, which are all great additions to any occasion.

Prices & availability

All models are now available in the UAE. Each models has a varied differentiator which informs its pricing. The all-in-one models: MHC-V81D has a price of Dh2,199. The MHC-V71D has a price of Dh1,799. The MHC-V41D has a price of Dh1,049.

3-box models: The MHC-M80D has a price of Dh1,699. The MHC-M40D has a price of Dh899.


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