Sony launches splash-proof true wireless earphones in the UAE


Athletic audiophiles are seeing their options for truly wireless in-ear earphones continue to grow. Sony first unveiled its splash-proof in-ear earphones at IFA 2018 last month and it’s already made its way to the UAE. Sony claims the WF-SP700N is the world’s first automatic noise-cancelling and splash-proof truly wireless in-ear earphones. That’s definitely a mouthful but when you break it up you’ll realise just how promising Sony’s new wireless earbuds can be.

Design and features

The WF-SP700N packs in a digital noise-cancellation technology that gives users two audio options to choose from. With the flick of a button you can switch to a fully noise cancellation mode that lets you focus on a fixed task. If you’re out jogging on the streets or in a gym working out with buddies, turn on the Ambient Sound mode so the earbuds will let in external sounds without compromising your workout tunes. It comes built in with Sony’s Extra Bass technology, which combined with noise cancelling, gives music a deeper and punchier bass edge to focus on enhancing user’s performance.

The best bit about these tiny, powerful earphones is that they’re splash proof. With an IPX4 rating, you won’t need to worry about sweat or rain ruining them. The headphones come with rubber arc supporters that guarantee a comfortable fit for various ear shapes.

The WF-SP700N comes with a compact charging case that opens up with the slide of a finger. Sony claims at full charge the headphones can get approximately three hours of battery life plus two additional charges from the case.

Sony also claims that pending an update, its headphones will be optimised for Google Assistant. A Google Home right in your ear while working out is definitely an exciting prospect.

Pricing and availability

The Sony WF-SP700N comes in three colours: black, white and pink. You can pick it up at the Sony Centre in The Dubai Mall or any other electronic store across the UAE, for just Dh699 including VAT.


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