Sony goes big with first 8K TVs

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It’s not CES if we haven’t discussed mind-boggling huge TVs. Sony today launched their latest in its Master Series, the Sony Z9G.

Sony Master Series Z9G 8K LED TV

Sony’s Z9G 8K LED TV is set to arrive in the second half of the year. The company claims the TVs are capable of producing ridiculously sharp images and will come with “virtually no pixel differentiation”.

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While it’s all great for companies to go gung ho about 8K resolutions but there aren’t really any 8K TV shows or movies out there right now. Sony seems to be tackling this with a proprietary algorithm that, along with the X1 Ultimate processor and 8K X-Reality Pro technology, “intelligently detects” objects from 4K and lower resolution content and upscales it for the 8K display.

The new Z9G models follow in the footsteps of their predeccesors, the Z9D models, and come with an upgraded system of full-array local dimming LCD backlights.

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Unfortunately, as with Sony’s OLED TVs, the sound doesn’t come from the screen itself. Sony revamped the sound quality on the TVs using four front-facing speakers to position the sound around the screen. You do get the far-field mic array to call upon Google Assistant without using the remote.

Sony’s updated 2019 4K line up

A9G Master Series OLED TV: Following in the footsteps of last year’s Master Series A9F, this year’s A9G series comes in 55-inch and 65-inch models but also comes with a 77-inch model this year. The first two will be available in August 2019 and the latter in September. The TVs now don’t look as bulky as last year and come with traditional stands. The OLED screens are still huge speakers like last year, with audio coming out of the screen, but this year’s Acoustic Surface+ is said to offer much better sound.

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A8G series OLED TV: Just the standard Acoustic Surface and no Master series processing is what you get in the lower 2019 OLED TV sets. You can also buy these in 55- and 65-inch sizes and the TVs will be available in July 2019.

X950G series 4K LCD TV: These TVs will be available in 55-, 65-, 75- and 85-inch sizes, and will be 4K LCD TVs with full-array local dimming and Dolby Vision. The first three models will be available in May and the latter giant in July.

Source: Sony Youtube

All this year’s models will also comes with Apple Airplay 2 and HomeKit support.

The pricing and availability (specifically for our region) for the TVs will be announced in the second quarter.


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