Sony BRAVIA 4K televisions will feature popular video-on-demand service Shahid

New Sony BRAVIA Android TV buyers to get free Shahid VIP subscriptions


The eagerly anticipated Shahid application is available Sony Android TV’s starting today via the Google Play Store. Last year, the service saw a surge reporting 27 million unique monthly users.

Free full year subscriptions

New purchasers of these televisions will get a free subscription to Shahid VIP content. The period of the subscription varies depending on the model of television purchased, ranging from 3 months to a full year’s worth. The latter will be available with 8K, OLED and the top of the line 4K BRAVIA TV models.

Access to latest content

According to a recent study by Sony, Arab customers value picture quality when purchasing a TV. Furthermore, it revealed that video-on-demand platforms top the ranks when it comes to content consumption and Shahid is popular among Arab audiences. With the new Shahid VIP subscriptions, viewers will be able to enjoy both premium and exclusive content. This includes Shahid Originals, latest Arabic movies right after the cinema and premiers ahead of linear TV. Not just this, it also offers a wide selection of the best entertainment that is suitable for all members of the family.


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