Is Sony eyeing a bezel-less smartphone at IFA 2017?

Would you buy a bezel-less Sony smartphone?


Admittedly, Sony and bezel-less do not gel together. The duo is like oil and water. Yet in just under two months, we may witness the unthinkable. With the company recently announcing its press conference for August 31, the first day of IFA 2017, a bezel-free smartphone may definitely be on the cards.

But this is not your regular high screen-to-body ratio device. With Sony’s newest flagship, we might see the complete departure of bezels. Sony could go from the company that loves bezels to one of the first ones to shed them completely.

Do you think the phone could look something like this?

Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, though. This report comes from Chinese website Weibo, which hasn’t always been the most trustworthy. Almost anyone can make up “leaks” and post them there. That said, we can’t dismiss the news outright either.

JDI is a joint venture company comprising of Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba. The display manufacturer has recently gone into mass production of its Full Active QHD displays. With the technology already there, it would make the most sense for Sony to introduce it to the public on its latest smartphones.

News of recent announcement by JDI

The device is expected to have a six-inch LCD display with a familiar 18:9 aspect ratio. Knowing LG and Samsung have a head-start, it would only make sense for Sony to catch up. While nothing more about the smartphone has surfaced apart from a slight hint a dual cameras, we can expect more news the funnel through in the coming weeks.

I have always been a fan of Sony’s optimization of software. Its phones make for a very fluid user experience but something that always deterred me was the design language. The large bezels on the front and the chunky build quality did not scream flagship material personally. But soon, Sony phones may lose that. A bezel-less front in a slender profile seems appealing but only time will tell how much of that will become reality.

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