Something “for U” is coming on January 12 from HTC

Has HTC got something "for U"?


Taiwanese company HTC has not seen the greatest run of form for a couple of years. In spite of learning from its mistakes, the company can’t seem to receive praise from consumers. Rather than making a major announcement at CES or MWC in the upcoming few months, it seems HTC wants all the spotlight on itself.

A few days after CES concludes, HTC is set to announce and unveil something “for U” on January 12, as seen from this teaser image. There is no evidence as to what it might be with the company revealing nothing beyond the cryptic message.

For now, the date is the only thing set in stone with everything else remaining a mystery. Announcing a successor to the HTC 10 is unlikely with there not being many leaks in the past like you’d see traditionally. But it cannot be discounted and the company may want to get the head-start on competing brands. The HTC X10 has also been making the rounds lately and its rumoured January release coincides with the event perfectly as well. Something peculiar is that the C in the logo is highlighted and the same font as the U in the middle – does that mean anything?

While speculation is great, it is also possible that the Taiwanese manufacturer is set to unveil something completely smartphone unrelated. It is impossible to tell from just the subtle hint provided. A proprietary smartwatch, a tablet or a never-before-seen product could all be on the cards. Perhaps something related to the Vive? We’ve marked our calendar for the announcement but have you? Are you excited to see HTC tease their mystery product? Let us know below.