Classic Doom, 2016 weapons


Someone modded the classic Doom to add weapons from this year’s Bethesda-developed reboot.

In the process, they basically created an entirely new experience.

If there’s one thing no one can accuse Bethesda’s Doom of lacking, it’s weapons. From the infinite-ammo charge pistol peashooter to the trusty shotgun, lethal Gauss cannon, sharpshooting assault rifle and (of course) legendary BFG, this game not only provides you with ample firepower, but gives you a proper experience with each one. Perhaps the best part of this game is that you don’t have to wait till near the end of the campaign to get your hands on a proper arsenal. Also, no reloading required.

Now, a genius programmer calling themselves DBThanatos has gone and thrown these weapons into a modded version of the classic Doom. The new guns feature freshly animated sprites and have been shifted to the right side of the screen, a la modern FPS titles. You can aim along the y-axis too. You can download and try the mod for yourself here.

Not only have the guns been improved, the monsters have too. Cacademons now fire faster fireballs. The Pinky’s charge is significantly sped up. As are the rockets fired by the Cyberdemon.

Check out the comparisons below.

Classic Doom, modern guns

Here’s the charge pistol

Classic Doom charge pistol
It even includes the charged shot secondary attack
Classic Doom 2016 pistol
Pow, right in the kisser!

Did someone call shotgun?

shotgun classic Doom 2016
The colour shading is a bit lighter on this sprite, but he’s got the finer details right (Dat barrel tho)
Combat_Shotgun_modern classic doom
To quote P.O.D, “Here comes the Boom!”

 Assault (rifle) your senses

Assault rifle classic Doom
The heavy assault rifle seen here is unmodified. We’re not sure if this mod of Doom features either of the weapon’s two mods
Tbh, we don’t really give an imp – this gun is wickedly lethal even without the mods

They call it the BFG for a reason

BFG_old_school Classic Doom
Blasting our plasma into an old-school Cyberdemon…
BFG9000 new Classic Doom
…before hitting the 2016 edition. With a giant green ball of energy. Right in the ___s

Check out the video below.


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