Snapdragon 835 chipset is official with Bluetooth 5 and much more

The top-end SoC sports an octa-core CPU and QuickCharge 4.0


Following recent leaks, more information about Qualcomm’s highest end processor has been officially revealed at CES in Las Vegas. The Snapdragon 835 comes with an octa-core CPU using eight Kryo 280 CPU cores. Four of those boast a clock speed of 2.45GHz for loading intensive tasks such as VR applications. The other four come clocked at 1.9GHz to maintain efficiency and are used almost 80 per cent of the time.

Having employed Samsung’s 10nm process to build the chip, the Snapdragon 835 benefits from being 40 per cent more energy-efficient and provides a 27 per cent performance boost over the previous generation. With a smaller footprint, the chipset allows more space for larger batteries and extra features. This progression has allowed Qualcomm to engineer a chip that consumes half the power yet offers double the performance of its Snapdragon 801 chip from 2014.

On the Quick Charge front, the chip’s fourth-generation technology is able to provide 20 per cent faster charging times than previously. Qualcomm claims the SoC is capable of delivering up to five additional hours of battery over just a five-minute recharge and a boost to 50 per cent in 15 minutes. At present, OnePlus’ Dash Charge is the fastest charging technology, capable of a 60 per cent boost in half an hour but Qualcomm may rival it with Quick Charge 4.0.

The processor can either support one camera up to 32MP or two at up to 16MP each. Clear Sight support also enables support for dual-camera smartphones, a trend that is on the rise at present. 4K video capture is still capped at 30fps but playback of 4K clips is possible at up to 60fps. Coupled with the Adreno 540 GPU, the chipset can handle 60 times more colour and offers a 25 times faster 3D render times. There is also support for Google’s Daydream VR platform.

We are expected to see the Snapdragon 835 in this year’s flagship smartphones including the LG G6, HTC 11 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 (regional).


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