Snapchat Spectacles 3: Perfect if you want to share content hands-free

Do you want to take your Snapchat to the next level?


The Snapchat Spectacles 3 are aimed at fashion forward individuals, priced at Dh1,499. They come with a sleeker design, an additional HD camera and in two colour options. We have the carbon variant here, which has a nice aesthetic to it but may not be the classiest piece of eye-wear.

Focus on VR and AR

Accompanying the spectacles, you find a number of accessories in the box. The Spectacles come with a premium case in which they can be recharged using the supplied braided Type-A to Type-C USB cable. There is some paperwork as usual but the inclusion of a VR headset is a surprise.

The Google Cardboard like VR headset that accompanies the Snapchat Spectacles 3

With Snap’s Spectacles 3, the company wants to focus on making VR and AR content more mainstream. A big part of the Spectacles 3 is depth perception and thus, including the Google Cardboard like VR headset with them makes sense to view such content. But in my opinion, this complicates the process of sharing media content online for a feature that not many people are particularly interested in.

Using the Spectacles 3

Pairing the Spectacles 3 to your smartphone is a simple process. It works seamlessly and the buttons on the frame of the device help you capture both photos and videos. When doing so, there is an LED light around the camera that illuminates. Over extended periods of time though, the Spectacles can become uncomfortable due to their sheer size and weight. This also ties in with their case, which is quite big and hard to fit in your pocket during travel.

You find a circular illuminating light on the Spectacles 3 when taking videos

While the Spectacles 3 make the capturing process easy, synchronisation can pose an issue. You need either WiFi or Bluetooth with your Spectacles 3 in your smartphone’s vicinity for your photos and videos to sync to it upon which you can share them. And that too is limited. You can only share your content natively on Snapchat as the Spectacles 3 do not support sharing to other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp officially.

Who are these for?

For the general consumer who likes to post updates here and there, the Spectacles 3 are not a stand-out option. Not just because of their limited functionality but also because of their price point. But for someone who uses Snapchat for the majority of their communication, the purchase may be worth it. Capturing moments is definitely faster and more convenient on the Spectacles 3 than pulling your smartphone out and if you find yourself in situations like this often, these are a perfect extension to Snapchat.