Snapchat glasses in Dubai priced at … wait, that can’t be right!


To most people’s delight, Snapchat’s Spectacles are on sale in the UAE at local online marketplace And to most people’s displeasure, the device is being sold for a whopping Dh9,900 on the website. 

Luxury all day every day! 

So keeping in with traditions in Dubai, where EVERYTHING is a luxury. Sellers are charging almost 21 times the Spectacles’ original price, which is $130 (Dh477.75).  


There are others selling at lesser rates – well… lesser in this matter is relative. These are available for Dh6,000 and Dh6,500.




What are they?

The Spectacles are designed to record ten-second videos through a fish-eye lens. A simple tap of the button near the hinge of the sunglasses activates recording in a format that’s supposed to be similar to a human’s field and scope of view. The shades are specifically designed to cover a 115-degree field of view, making them different to the footage obtained from regular smartphones and action cameras.

In case you don’t know what the Snapchat Spectacles are, click here.

While there’s no sign of the devices coming to the UAE anytime soon, if you’ve got the money, this is your best shot.