Meet the smart robotic baby stroller

SMARTBE Smart Stroller
SMARTBE Smart Stroller

Just when you thought you’ve read it all. The mysterious Internet of Things (IoT) strikes again.

This time it’s for those millennial sorts who prefer staring at their smartphones instead of human interaction – and if, by some miracle, they find someone and eventually have kids.

Meet the Smartbe Smart Stroller that will launch its Indiegogo campaign tomorrow. Pegged as the world’s most advanced stroller, and trust me – we believe them, it features an electric engine that pushes the stroller while keeping it within the parents range.

The thing can also vibrate and rock your baby to sleep. I’m not making this up.

Smartbe – which is available through Indiegogo beginning Tuesday, January 19th – will be sold for between US900 and US2,900 depending upon the features included. Every stroller can go from a single to a double without additional cost.

SmartBe contains a bottle warmer, a locker with a key to protect valuables, a webcam as well as a microphone to continually see and hear your baby through a smartphone app.

Additional SmartBe features include a basinet or seat with three automated canopies that roll down to protect the baby from the elements, insects and UV rays; a climate controlled environment; and bluetooth speakers to play music coming from your smartphone.

Is the Smartbe Smart Stroller safe?

Safety has been a top priority from the very beginning” said Guillermo Morro, maker of the SmartBe. “A central processing unit continually monitors every component of the stroller and locks the wheels in case of any malfunction. When in self-propelled mode, a single tap on the handle bar freezes the stroller.

Also, if the stroller goes beyond hand distance it automatically slows or stops,” he said.

“For now,” I added, “until the robots take over.”

Now since you read that last sentence, here’s a little Easter egg. Scroll up to the lead image on this post. Is she enjoying a pleasant jog by the beach? Or running after a rogue bot that’s got her kid?


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