Smart mirror? Yes please!

Smart mirror
Google engineer Max Braun reads more news than you do while shaving

Smartphone, smart TV, smart this and smart that. Everything needs to be smart now and it can all get very overwhelming at times. But once in a while a device does come along that you just need to have in your home. The newest entry in the internet of things is Max Braun‘s smart mirror. 

smart mirror 2

Braun, a software engineer at Google, felt that it was time mirrors look like what had been promised some years ago. So he built an Android-powered mirror for his bathroom. The mirror shows content such as Google Now cards, the time, current temperature, weather forecast and news headlines. Even though the science behind it is very understandable, it really does look magical.

The build is as follows; the mirror is two-way with a 15-inch LED monitor behind it. Braun initially used a Chromecast, then a Nexus player and is now an Amazon Fire TV stick with a custom Android APK to run the UI. Currently, the display only shows simple APIs, and AP. Over time, he says it will be updated to use any Google Now cards including time to work, reminders and more.

Smart mirror science

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