Shaken and stirred: 40 ways Twitter reacted to Apple’s new MacBook Pros

Sticker shocker: The MBP pricing could make you shed a few tears.

At the recent MacBook Pro reveal, Apple put a new spin on the phrase “saving the best for last”. The company made the audience — at the venue and those around the world tuned into the live stream — sit through rather a rather meandering session that covered its accessibility website, the TV app and a reminder of how awesome the iPhone is.

Putting the audience through this — well, that’s courage!

But finally, it happened. Apple took the wraps off the shiny new MBPs. That certainly jolted the audience wide awake. Then Apple proceeded to jolt them further with demos of the Touch Bar — an OLED touch-sensitive panel that replaces the function keys.

And finally, Apple almost finished them off when it announced the steep pricetags on the new MBPs.

Many who made it through — both shaken and stirred — took to Twitter to offload their reactions. Here we have culled some of the more amusing ones. You can thank us later.