Serious Sam Comes to Virtual Reality This Summer


Drop what you’re doing gamers and forget about all other game news for a second to soak in the most awesome revelation to come out of E3 2016: Serious Sam is coming to virtual reality! Ask any gamer that played PC games in the early ‘00s what was the best FPS they played? Serious Sam will be on their list. Gunning down alien beasts on beautiful alien worlds with a futuristic arsenal took up hours upon hours of my gaming time. I’ve always waited in hope for a remastered or rebooted version and now Croteam announces that the latest Serious Sam will be making its way to virtual reality. Check out the teaser trailer below.

You’ll be able to play Serious Sam: The Last Hope on the HTC Vive and on Oculus Rift with their upcoming motion controllers. There’s also hope for a launch on PlayStation VR, if talks with Sony go well. Unlike the original game, you won’t be able to move, all the enemies will be running towards you and all the mayhem will happen right around you. Though not much different from the original where you can’t go too far without something running at you. The game will be on Steam Early Access as soon as this summer.