Sennheiser and Continental introduce a speakerless audio system for vehicles

Sennheiser and Continental are set to revolutionise in-car audio


At CES, audio specialist Sennheiser in collaboration with technology company Continental showed off a speakerless audio system for vehicle interiors. It fills the inside of the vehicle with lifelike immersive sound.

Breathtaking 3D sound reproduction

Sennheiser’s patented AMBEO 3D audio technology and Continental’s Ac2ated Sound system work together, abandoning conventional speaker technology altogether. This is done by exciting select surfaces in the vehicle interior to produce sound. Getting a bit more technical, the concept is similar to the technology behind classical string instruments, which use their wooden bodies as a resonance chamber.

A concept of how Sennheiser’s AMBEO sound system could work (via Sennheiser)

Together with Sennheiser’s AMBEO Mobility, the concept can reproduce 3D sound that envelops passengers in a detailed and vivid soundscape. In turn, you will be able to enjoy your in-car entertainment to the fullest.

Lighter and space efficient

In comparison with conventional audio systems, this solution is 75 to 90 per-cent lighter in weight. The difference is primarily because there is no need for a multitude of components, which we typically associate with for any other speaker system. Not just this, the technology takes up less space. Thus, vehicle designers do not need to account for large speaker faces taking up valuable space. With Ac2ated Sound, the surfaces in the vehicle vibrate just like speaker diaphragms. Actuators cause components such as the A-pillar trim, door trim and rear shelf to vibrate so that they emit sounds of different frequencies.


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