SELFLY: the flying phone case that follows you around

It fits every phone with a display between 4 and 6 inches


We are in an age where taking a selfie in any situation has become a norm. For times we couldn’t fit everyone in the frame, we were given the selfie stick. But now we obviously want more than that. What if we want to fit in an entire room? Or need to take an action shot without having to hold a metre-long stick? Well, Kickstarter has the answer to that. Say hello to the SELFLY: a drone that is also a phone case. No joke.

The SELFLY is an autonomous flying camera. It is also a phone case, so you never need to travel without it. All you need to do is snap it off your phone, set it loose and wait while it hovers around you and clicks all the photos you need. It is your personal, invisible tripod that shoots on demand.

The SELFLY is operational via fly by stick or fly by picture mode. Fly by stick involves traditional remote controls while fly by picture mode instructs the drone to achieve a certain angle and distance via the companion app. Eventually the company behind the SELFLY aims to release the application data to the public, so they can create their own flight programs and features.

HD video is recorded and stored as raw data on the SELFLY. When in pilot mode, the drone sends a low-quality image back to the user to fiddle around with settings and once a desired result is achieved, a high-quality image is taken from the drone.

Currently, there is a Universal Flip Cover Case that fits all four- to six-inch phones. However, Apple’s iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge and the Nexus 6 all have dedicated cases.

This tiny selfie drone comes in black and white and is currently trending on its Kickstarter page. If you want to experiment with how the world looks at you, pledges start at $99 (Dh365).