Selfies in the time of technology

Picture: Daniel Peckham/Instagram
Dobby, the selfie drone
DOBBY, the selfie drone (Picture:

Humanity’s eternal search for the perfect selfie made great progress at IFA 2016, where visitors got to play with DOBBY, a tiny “selfie drone” from Zerotech. It folds up and fits into a pocket. And when the urge to take a selfie strikes — which in some cases could be every ten minutes — you simply pull it out and let it fly. The drone weighs just 199g and comes with an on-board 13MP camera. You can control it from 100m away and the flight lasts up to nine minutes — that may not be enough for a coffee table tome of your selfies, but Zerotech points out that DOBBY uses Qualcomm’s Quick Charge tech to get flying again in mere minutes.

A spectacular dronie. Source: Daniel Peckman on Instagram
A spectacular dronie (Picture: Daniel Peckham/Instagram)

Using drones for the noble cause of taking selfies has been gaining momentum over the past few years. The trend has even seen a cringe-inducing word added to the lexicon — dronies. A quick search for the term on Instagram throws up more than 22,000 posts and some of the results are rather spectacular. These days, dronies can even win you prizes at events such as the NYC Drone Film Festival. Though the bar is rather high — the 2016 winner was this amazing clip titled Shark Dronie that showed a diver on the seabed surrounded by sharks. So if you are thinking of turning your selfie masterpieces into award-winning entries, you will have to really think out of the box.

The Lily Drone. Source: Lily
Lily Drone

Another upcoming option for selfie pros is Lily, a self-flying camera that follows you around, capturing every cool move you make. So if you ever wanted to experience what it feels like to be chased by the paparazzi, well, here’s your chance. Sort of. Lily is waterproof, and can shoot 12MP stills or 1080p video. It can even do 120fps slow-motion captures at 720p. However, the project has been plagued by delays and the earlier shipping timeframe of February 2016 never materialised. However, the latest update is that it will finally start shipping end of this year.

The Sony DSC-KW1. Source: Sony
Sony DSC-KW1

If drones are not your scene, how about a selfie camera with a twist? The DSC-KW1 looks like a perfume bottle and aims to make your selfie-shooting experience “charming”. Mind you, this idea is not from some wannabe brand out of China, but from Sony. And what’s the connection between selfies and perfume bottles? Well, as Sony explains it on the product page — “the beautiful, opulent image we envisioned led to the appearance of a perfume bottle. This body design promised to be the most fitting in an innovative camera fashion-conscious users would appreciate, with its refined shape, meticulous craftsmanship, silky colours, and aura of elegance.” Got it?

The Selfie Hat. Source:
The Selfie Hat

You could also go completely low-tech by tweaking regular accessories. Like this pink-n-sparkly selfie hat that Acer thrust on the world during the 2014 London Fashion Week. A result of the tech brand’s collaboration with designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis, the hat comes with an attachment to hang your tablet from. You can also twirl it for a nice 360-degree view of your head. And, in the process, perhaps make new words – headfie, backfie, sidefie or even wantedfie – popular.

Miz Mooz Selfie Shoes. Source:
Miz Mooz Selfie Shoes (Picture:

Speaking of word concoctions, note that shoefie is already taken. Last year, a shoe brand from the US, Miz Mooz, launched a pair that came with a “smartphone dock” — a gap at the tip of the shoes into which you could insert your phone. And then, like an acrobat, raise your feet high enough to click a selfie. Seriously!

The Selfie Brush. Source:
Selfie Brush 

But if you would rather use something less challenging, the Selfie Brush brings “technology and beauty together in a snap” by integrating a phone holder into a hairbrush. Apparently, this makes it easier to hold your phone while taking selfie. And, we assume, at least your hair will look good in the pics.

Incidentally, even dogs can now get in on the selfie game. The Pooch Selfie is a smartphone attachment shaped like a squeaky ball.

The Pooch Selfie. Source:
Pooch Selfie

Its “attention-grabbing features” ensure that the pooch will stare right into the camera when you pose with it. Unfortunately, technology is yet to figure out how to get cats to pose for selfies.