Security experts advise Android users to buy only Nexus or Samsung Galaxy phones

Samsung Note 6 (actually a 5)
#GNTECH caretaker GKW trying out the Note 5 and Gear S2

It’s difficult to survive in this digital age without giving out personal information, but what we can ensure it’s as secure as possible by using the right devices. At Google’s I/O 2016, Android developers said security issues in the operating system were the biggest problems they have to deal with. Even though Google, phone manufacturers, FTC and FCC have amped up their efforts, security patches don’t seem to be rolled out at the speed it should be. It’s a dangerous way to live.


A recent report from a security firm tells Android users to only buy Nexus devices or Samsung phones if they want to ensure they’re on the most secure handsets. A respected security expert who is part of Qualcomm’s Product Security Hall of Fame, Gal Beniamini, demonstrated a scary security issue that affects all devices that hadn’t yet received May’s monthly security patch. Unbelievably, 57 per cent of the Android phones out there have yet to receive this patch. Nexus devices and Samsung’s latest Galaxy devices held up among all the Android devices being tested with a significantly improved security firewall.

If you’re in the market for a new Android phone, then this should make your choice a lot easier. Samsung’s latest S7 series are beautiful phones. Nexus’ 5X and 6P are also perfectly relevant phones and we can expect brand-new Nexus devices from HTC very soon.


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