SCALee – a Social Virtual Reality Media Center


One of the main technologies that will feature quite heavily at CES 2016 is virtual reality. And one brand to familiarise yourselves with from the very start is Scale-1 Portal and its product SCALee. The company specialises in projection-based virtual reality solutions for both the industry and entertainment sectors.

CES will see the launch of SCALee – a portable virtual reality media center for the consumer market. The product can transform any wall into an immersive universe for players can naturally interact in 1:1 scale games and virtual reality applications.

More on SCALee

“This is a new form of virtual reality technology, which allows several people to comfortably enjoy the immersive experience in their living room, with no need for any headset,” explains Julien Baessens, CTO of Scale-1 Portal. SCALee includes a powerful Windows 10 based computer, so that its 3 metres wide projected screen can be used as a media centre, browse the internet or play standard games.

Gaming will never be the same again

SCALee comes built-in with Future Runner, an intense obstacle and battle race game in a futuristic atmosphere.

More games and experiences are being developed, and a software development kit is available so that third-party developers can add their own contents to the platform.

The SCALee release date is scheduled for the last quarter of 2016, while a few exclusive pre-orders through a dedicated crowd-funding campaign will be taken in January and shipped starting February.