Uh oh! It might be time to say goodbye to screenshots on Instagram


While the attempts to up one another have been constant for Snapchat and Instagram, one feature (or the lack there off) from the latter has had its trump over its competition from day one. Screenshots. While Snapchat used to notify users of a screenshot being taken, Instagram didn’t. 

Instagram Screenshot – Testing Phase

Now it turns out Instagram is testing a feature where users will see when others screenshot their stories. Users involved in the test are seeing the following notification. 

Users get notified of the fact that their next screenshot will lead to the a notifications for the user whose media is being captured.

So while the people taking the screenshots are seeing this message, users whose stories are being screenshot are seeing the following little shutter icon next to the name of the user who is capturing the media. 

So (when this feature rolls out for everyone) you’ll be able to see who has taken screenshots with the little shutter logo next the the name. 

Instagram Screenshot – When does it roll out? 

While Instagram has acknowledged the test, there is not intimation on whether this feature will roll out. There is a likely hood that the feature could impact in a negative manner and reduce the amount of interaction people have with stories. 

As of now you can only see when someone takes a screenshot if you have a private conversation with them. 

Does this make a difference to you? Do let us know with your comments below. 



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