SanDisk shows off huge 1TB SD card


Remember the time you read “Storage space running out” on your DSLR’s display when snapping a RAW image of the sunset on the beach at JBR? Maybe not, but some of us do, It’s a horrible feeling. Flash memory-maker SanDisk offers a solution: a 1TB SD card. It was announced at Photokina, a leading trade show for photography and video professionals, in Cologne, Germany.

One terabyte. It’s enough to fit 40,000 RAW image files (each averaging 25MB) or 2,666 minutes of recorded 4K video (at 375MB per minute).

We don’t yet have word on if/when we might see this gargantuan-capacity storage card come to the UAE, but will update you when we do.

SanDisk was purchased by hard disk-maker Western Digital (WD) in a $19 billion deal earlier this year. We recently reviewed the company’s latest network storage solution.

SanDisk says the 1TB card is still in the prototype stage. We’ll let you know when we find out more.



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