SanDisk Extreme Pro 3.1 boasts SSD speeds on a USB

More storage or faster speed?


Kingston unveiled the world’s largest USB at the ongoing CES in Las Vegas. In most cases, SanDisk too would have focused on increasing storage but its approach seems to be different this time. The company wants to improve speeds available to thumb drive users. With the Extreme Pro 3.1, SSD-like speeds are possible in such a small form factor.

The Extreme Pro USB 3.1 promises write speeds up to 380MB/s in a pocket form factor

Using USB 3.1, the device is capable of offering read speeds up to 420MB/s and write speeds up to 380MB/s. SanDisk claims these speeds allow the transfer of a 4K movie in just 15 seconds. These are theoretical but let’s hope practical use gets close to these speeds as well. While the numbers are impressive, it’s important to point out that these are SATA SSD speeds. Some M.2 drives are capable of transferring up to one gigabyte per second. But you can’t expect those speeds from pocket storage yet.

In terms of housing, the USB comes in an aluminium casing with a retractable connector. This not only improves looks but also makes the device more durable. You can rest easy when it comes to safety: SanDisk’s SecureAccess allows password protection of files with 128-AES encryption while RescuePro Deluxe can retrieve accidentally deleted files.

Boasting an attractive design, the thumb drive from SanDisk comes in 128 and 256GB 

The USB will be available in 128GB and 256GB variants with sales starting from later this month. The highest end model will come at $180 (Dh660) and will be available via popular retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, B&H and others in North America. While $180 is the MSRP, stores that stock the Extreme Pro 3.1 may sell it between $130-$140.

There is no confirmation on whether SanDisk’s fastest USB drive will make it to the UAE market.