Samsung’s Quick Share is like Apple’s AirDrop but for Galaxy phones

Samsung's very own AirDrop is probably launching in a few weeks


Earlier, we heard about Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi forming an alliance to enable easy file transfer among its smartphones. We know there are quite a few Android users envious of the seamless file transfer experience Apple’s AirDrop offers. However, for Samsung Galaxy smartphone users, a similar experience may be just around the corner.

Concept based on nearby sharing

TV host and writer for XDA, Max Weinbach exclusively reported that Quick Share will be a simple tool for quickly sending files between Galaxy smartphones. While XDA was able load the APK file of the application on various Galaxy devices, the transfer of files could not happen. This is hardly surprising as the APK was not meant for the devices being tested.

The principle of the application is similar to any other nearby sharing service. When you are near another supported device, you can share pictures, videos or files. In the application, you can either set your preference to send and receive files from “Everyone” or from “Contacts only” as you can see in the above screenshots.

But unlike other sharing services, Quick Share has a cloud aspect to it. It will temporarily let you upload files to Samsung Cloud, which can then be streamed to Samsung Smart Things devices and downloaded locally. According to the screenshots though, the file sizes can be up to 1GB with a maximum transfer limit of 2GB per day.

Launching with the Galaxy S20 series

The APK file tested was originally ported from a pre-release Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G for testing purposes. So it would make sense that the official unveiling of the application happens with the phone’s launch. To add, previous versions of Samsung’s One UI software did not have any traces of this application. Hence, this service is likely going to be available on devices that come pre-loaded with One UI 2.1 or later. We imagine that with a software update, the service could also be available to most older Samsung devices but that depends entirely on how Samsung plans to roll out this service.