Samsung’s Galaxy S9 begins development

Samsung pulled off a similar move this time last year by snapping up the bulk of Qualcomm's 835 processor supply

We’re still in the wake of the Galaxy S8 taking the smartphone throne with its gorgeous device, and Korean publication The Bell is reporting on the Galaxy S9. According to them, Samsung has given its S9 the development name “Star” and its Plus version will be coined “Star 2”. Reports are that Samsung is 3-4 months ahead of schedule in developing their next flagship. Samsung is clearly on a high right now thanks to the immediate success of the Galaxy S8. Also thanks to the lack of explosions, yet.

There’s obviously no telling what features the S9 will have at this point. Consider this the beginning of a year filled with hot and over-the-top rumors for 2018’s flagship. Samsung has truly begun innovating and capturing mass audience’s attention not just through their large marketing budgets, but through innovative features and design.

The Galaxy Note 8 also currently exists in the form of the development name “Great”. Samsung went straightforward with that one, considering there’s a lot of trust they need earn back after their prolonged Note 7 debacle. There’s little information out there on the Note 8. We may know more about that sooner rather than later.