Samsung apologises for the Note 7 fiasco


In light of the recent, explosive events surrounding Samsung’s Note 7, Tim Baxter, the President and COO of Samsung Electronics America, has issued an apology.

A Note 7 goes boom! Source: Baidu
A Note 7 that went kaboom! Source: Baidu

Samsung has initiated an exchange programme and a formal US voluntary recall of the Galaxy Note 7 in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. In the video, Baxter confirms that new Note 7 replacement devices will be available in the United States at most retail locations no later than September 21.

As explained in the video, Samsung is urging all users to power down and turn in their devices. This recall of about 2.5 million devices, according to analysts, could cost Samsung as much as $1 billion (Dh3.675 billion).

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The issue started when reports started emerging of a Note 7 exploding while being charged. A series of random events all over the globe with quite a few from here as well followed the incident. Airlines all over the world began to ban the use and carry of the Note 7 in their aircrafts, including Emirates.

Samsung launched an investigation and soon narrowed down the problem to faulty batteries provided by a third-party supplier. Although the problem seems to affect one in every 42,000 phones, Samsung claims the decision to recall every Note 7 was taken keeping “safety first” in mind.

All Note 7 owners, please take heed of Tim Baxter and return the devices as soon as possible.