Samsung’s 8K bezel-less TV panel is the future

The Q950 is Samsung's best TV which will probably be too expensive for the layman


Just like every year, Samsung is showing off some amazing television technology at CES. The trend of smaller bezels on smartphones seems to have had a knock on effect on televisions. And quite rightly, Samsung is calling the panel used on its new Q950TS TV display an Infinity Screen. With its 2.3 mm bezel, Samsung claims it has a 99 per-cent screen to body ratio, which is the highest in the world.

8K QLED panel

Of course, one big obstacle that stands in the way of this TV becoming the norm is the panel itself. 8K content is sparse and so, Samsung has built an AI and machine-learning powered upscaling solution. With this, your HD and 4K content will look even better on this TV.

Do you see this replacing your current TV in the living room? (via Samsung)

Otherwise, Samsung is also working directly with content providers such as Amazon. This way, it can better optimise video content for lower bandwidth network usage. Using its AI ScaleNet technology, Samsung says that it can lower bandwidth requirements by half when streaming 4K or 8K content. The quantum-dot panel used comes with essentials like full-array local dimming and an Adaptive Picture mode. The TV can also adjust screen calibration keeping in mind ambient light, which is similar to what Google’s Nest Hub can do. And if done well, it could truly improve video watching.

Audio experience

Just like visuals, Samsung is also focused on audio. The Samsung Q950 comes with a full array of speakers which can match the position of on-screen movement with individual speakers. In the past, Sony’s OLED TVs have been able to do so and it looks like Samsung wants to share the spotlight too. The South Korean manufacturer also claims that the TV can output 5.1 channel surround-sound from the on-board speakers. Of course, if you want to use an external soundbar, the TV has the option to synchronise its speakers with it for a more immersive feel.

Software suite

Like other Samsung TVs, the Q950 is powered by Tizen and comes with Bixby integration. With a revamp in software, Samsung has also added support for Alexa and Google Assistant this year. This change has accommodated for Samsung Health on the television and a Digital Butler service that makes your TV the centre of your smart home. In combination with an IR blaster, you can control all kinds of devices using the TV.

Availability and pricing

It is nice to see Samsung improving on design and software in an effort to attract more buyers. Perhaps this would make the inevitably steep price tag of the TV a little easier to swallow. So far, Samsung has not announced a price for the Q950 but as the televisions ship later this year, we should know more about local availability and pricing.


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