Samsung’s 2021 TV line-up is its most extensive yet


Yesterday Samsung announced the launch of their 2021 line-up of TVs. Lead by the Neo QLED series, the South Korean giant brought forward literally ‘ a TV for everyone’. From their lifestyle category to the Neo’s bleeding-edge tech, Samsung brings a TV matching everyone’s need and price-tag.

Lifestyle TVs

The virtual event started with Samsung’s lifestyle TVs. As the owner of a Samsung Frame myself, the updates were quite exciting to see.

Samsung Frame 2021

The Samsung Frame’s 2021 model gets quite a few upgrades, compared to last year. On the hardware front you’ve got a slimmer TV (just 24.9 mm thick, about the depth of an actual picture frame) and new proprietary and third-party bezels for the TV. Storage for personally curated photos goes from 500MB to 6GB (1200 high-res 4K images). Samsung also introduced something called ‘My Shelf’. Adding to the aesthetic of the Samsung Frame, the ‘Shelf’ literally adds two shelves around the TV for people who want to decorate the wall around their TV even more.

In terms of software, the Art Collection adds curated pieces from Nava and Etsy taking their selection to over 1400 pieces.

The Samsung Sero and Serif will also come with updates including Apple AirPlay 2 support on the former which will allow AirPlay to work in the TVs portrait mode too.

Samsung Premiere

Now one thing that drastically dropped from our lives last year was the movie going experience. For those who want that experience in their homes, Samsung introduced ‘The Premiere’. It is the industry’s first triple laser projector with 4K resolution, a minimalist design, with rounded edges and a fabric finish which fits neatly into any home. Just position the Premiere around 5 inches or further from a monotone wall or ALR screen, and break out the popcorn. Samsung will also be offering a rollable projector display for the Premiere later in the year.

Samsung Terrace

So we haven’t seen the Samsung Terrace available here in the UAE (or at least I haven’t) but the model created specifically for the backyard is getting a 75” ‘Full Sun’ model just in time for the summer. The Terrace is weather-resistant, with an IP55 rating to protect against water and dust. It is also simple to install, and easy to connect to cable service and a Wi-Fi network.


Samsung 2021 TV line-up is led by their new “Neo QLED” 8K and 4K TVs that use Mini LED technology. At just 1/40th the size of conventional LEDs, Samsung is able to cram much smaller LEDs, and many more of them, into the TV’s backlighting system. This gives the TV ‘ultra-fine light control’, much finer control over dimming zones and black levels, and it should dramatically cut down on any unwanted “blooming” effect.

The Neo QLED series comes almost bezel-less frames like their predecessors and have an all new One-Connect box which now attaches to the stand of the TV. These TVs will also come with an updated 8K Quantum processor.

Seeing the rise of gaming last year (thanks to the sheer amount of time spent indoors globally), Samsung seems to have added a lot to entice a gamer into their new line of TVs. In their continued partnership with Xbox (being the brands official TV partner in the US and Canada), amsung Neo QLED and QLED will come with incredible 4K clarity, a silky-smooth 120 frames per second, and a low 5.8ms response time for gamers to enjoy. Samsung has also partnered with AMD to develop the first TV with Freesync Premium Pro support for both PC and console games.

Additionally, Samsung’s new ‘Game Bar’ helps players quickly monitor critical aspects of play. You can use it to access Samsung’s ’Super Ultrawide Gameview’, which brings ultra-wide aspect ratios to the TVs.


Samsung has heavily amazed audiences a few years ago with their Micro-LED filled unlimited size concept, The Wall. Now, the micro-LED finally makes its way into more ‘traditionally-styled’ TVs at 110”, 99”, and 88”sizes. A smaller sized 76” model been announced will be added in the future.


Apart from the above announcements, Samsung also announced updates to their monitors including the Odyssey G9 and other TVs such as their Crystal UHD line-up.

Pricing and Availability

There is no confirmation of local availability for any of the above TVs right now nor is there any information of their pricing. That being said Samsung does launch in the region pretty soon after global announcements, so be sure to keep an eye out. For example, the Premiere is already on pre-order on starting at Dh12,999.


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