Samsung unveils a stretchable display and we must have it


Flexible displays on phones have been tested and teased for years but none have really made it to the mass consumer market until now. Samsung has teased bendable phones over the years as well. Not going to assume they have abandoned those dreams, but Samsung being Samsung has gone a step further and unveiled a stretchable display prototype that’s going to blow you away.

Stretchable displays

It’s a 9.1-inch OLED display that can stretch in every way imaginable. Bend it, roll it and put a dent in it. The dent can go up to half an inch deep, and it’ll revert to its original form once the force is taken off. The technology is still in its nascent stage, but Samsung believes the stretchy screen will be useful for everything from wearables to in-car displays.

VR lens displays

Samsung’s R&D folks have been busy. It is also showing off a 1.96-inch 4K LCD with a whopping 2,250ppi density. Sounds perfect VR lenses, imagine how beautiful your next VR adventure could look. It may also help prevent the annoying screen door effect on VR headsets. The screen door effect refers to when you can see the gaps between pixels.

3D TVs without 3D glasses

Samsung isn’t done yet. Is is also exhibiting a 5.09-inch OLED with “glassless” stereoscopic 3D. Autostereoscopic is still a thing manufacturers are trying to achieve apparently. Consumers may be over it, though it would still be nice to have. Samsung’s choice of OLED is to get a more natural-looking picture than possible with LCD.

The display future seems bright and fascinating. There’s no clear indication as to how and when we’ll see any of these technologies in production. Hopefully, they won’t take as long as flexible displays have taken.


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