Samsung unveils its foldable Galaxy Z Flip at the Oscars

Is the foldable smartphone revolution the next big thing?


In quite an unexpected turn of events, Samsung took over the Oscars to tease its upcoming foldable smartphone. While its name was not confirmed, all the visuals shown off point to the Galaxy Z Flip, which should be official at Samsung’s Unpacked event tomorrow.

Clam-shell style foldable design

Much like the Motorola Razr, Samsung’s foldable will come with a clam-shell style design. It seems to have a dual-camera unit on its rear with a rather tiny touch-sensitive external display. With this, you will be able to glance at notifications and quick bits of information. And you will even be to interact with calls as seen from the video teaser.

The advertisement also suggested that the phone will be able to prop itself up, much like a laptop. In this position, users may be able to watch video content or make hands-free video calls.

Technology behind the design

When folded shut, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip seems to have a gap between its two halves. This is a feature that carries over from its earlier Galaxy Fold unlike Motorola’s Razr, which is able to go gapless. For the keen eyed individuals out there, there is also some fine print at the bottom right of the advertisement. It says, “You may notice a crease at the center of the main screen, which is a natural characteristic of the screen.”

samsung new foldie ad during oscars
When in its folded state, the Galaxy Z Flip is no slender device (via Business Insider)

This goes to show how young the technology behind foldable smartphones is. While nothing else about the phone has been teased in the advertisement, all eyes are on Samsung’s event happening tomorrow, February 11 where we will find out a lot more about the device.