Samsung could source its next Note batteries from LG

In a surprising move, Samsung may turn to South Korean rival LG for batteries in its next Note

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung is taking no chances with its next flagship Note phone, the Galaxy Note 8, for obvious reasons. According to a news report out of South Korea, Samsung is considering sourcing Note batteries for the upcoming device from rival LG. LG Chem is the battery manufacturing arm of LG and provides batteries to other smartphone manufacturers as well.

The report says that talks are still underway but a deal is imminent. It would see LG Chem providing Note batteries while also producing for Samsung’s other models. Samsung SDI and China’s ATL are Samsung’s current suppliers of Note batteries. Both supplied batteries for the exploding Galaxy Note 7. It would make sense that the company is going after a more trusted and reliable source to handle all, if not most, of the production.

Samsung will have to tread with extreme caution if it is to salvage any trust at all from consumers. A more rigorous testing process with reliable suppliers should help ensure the brand’s devices are as safe as possible. We’ll keep you updated as more is known.