Samsung sends Note 7 customers fireproof boxes

The South Korean tech giant is taking no chances of anything else happening to owners of the disgraced smartphone. It's even thrown in safety gloves!


Following the global recall and halting of sales and production of its Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is sending customers fireproof return boxes.

XDA Developers, a forum and specialist news website for Android programmers, received one of these boxes, which it refers to as a return kit.

The kit includes a thermally-insulated box for the device and safety gloves for handling it as “some individuals might be sensitive to the ceramic fiber paper lining the Recovery Box”, the site quotes from the detailed instructions. This lining is capable of withstanding extreme amounts of heat.

Russian doll packaging

The Note 7 device must first be placed in a static shielding bag, then an OEM replacement box, which goes into an inner box that then is placed into the extra-sturdy Recovery Box.

Samsung explicitly states that the box should only be transported over ground and never by air.

XDA's scan of Samsung's instructions for packing the returning Note 7
XDA’s scan of Samsung’s instructions for packing the returning Note 7