Samsung release S7, Edge, Gear 360 and Connect Auto at MWC

UAE samsung s7

Samsung hosted its #theNextGalaxy event at this year’s MWC in Barcelona on a grand scale with a cross-platform presentation involving DJ Koh, Mark Zuckerberg, videos and the use of VR. Samsung released the much-awaited S7 and S7 Edge. The South Korean major also announced its first 360 video cam, the Gear 360, and Connect Auto, its latest innovation in connected car solutions. #GNTECH was present at both launch events, in Barcelona and Dubai.

Samsung S7 and S7 Edge

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Samsung finally announced its new flagships on Sunday at MWC. Both devices are upgrades to their predecessors in all ways possible.More power, better performance and much more.

Body and Screen

GalaxyS7_Feature_Design_Main_5The S7 and S7 Edge have waterproof (IP68) unibodies made from metal and 3D glass, providing far better grip and handling than their predecessors. Apart from screen, size and battery the devices are pretty much the same. Both have a QHD Super AMOLED display, the S7 at 5.1 inches (577 PPI) and the S7 Edge with a 5.5-inch (534 PPI) screen. Both displays also have an Always-On function.

Processor and Storage

GalaxyS7_Feature_Design_Main_6The devices come in two processor variants, depending on which market you buy them in. One option will be the Snapdragon 820 and the other will be the Exynos 8 Octa, both with 4GB RAM and 32/64GB storage options. Samsung also brings back the microSD slots, which allow memory expansion of up to 200GB.


GalaxyS7_Feature_Camera_Main_1_1The S7 and S7 Edge introduce the first Dual Pixel camera on a smartphone, which is concentrated on providing better picture in low light conditions. Thanks to the technology, brighter lens with wider aperture and bigger pixels, the camera has a faster shutter speed and a more accurate auto focus even in low-light conditions. Motion Panorama, similar to iPhone’s Live Photo, brings movement to traditional panoramic photos. We did try out the camera at the event and were impressed with its low light imagery.


GalaxyS7_Feature_Game_Main_4The S7 comes with a 3,000mAh battery and the S7 Edge comes with a 3,600mAh battery. Liquid cooling has also been implemented into both systems to prevent over-heating during heavy usage.



GalaxyS7_Feature_Game_Main_1Another point heavily stressed on in the presentation was the S7 and S7 Edge’s gaming capabilities. Samsung has partnered with Epic Games to bring users the Vulcan API. It also introduced the Game Launcher, a new add-on for gamers that allowing users to manage battery consumption and minimise notifications.



Samsung Gear 360

24543366704_9291c81bf4_kSamsung also unveiled its first ever 360 video shooter, the Gear 360. It is equipped with dual fisheye lenses, which both have 15MP image sensors and give users the ability to capture (3,840×1,920) 360-degree video that also supports 30MP still images. Users are also able to shoot 180-degree wide angle video and images with only using one side of the camera lens. Videos and images can be viewed, shared and edited on smartphones as well as PC software.

The device is IP53 water and dust resistant. Its comes with a 1,350 mAh battery and a microSD slot that can be upped to 128GB.

Samsung Auto


The Samsung Auto is Samsung’s latest endeavor into connected automotive solutions. There is one big difference in their approach though. Instead of talking about what can be in cars in the future, the Samsung Auto is a device that can be used in old cars as well.

Samsung Connect Auto plugs directly into the OBD II port underneath the steering wheel. It uses real-time alerts to help users improve their driving behavior, including increased fuel efficiency, while offering a Wi-Fi connection to keep passengers online while on-the-go. The solution is kept secure using Samsung KNOX, the company’s market-leading, defense-grade mobile security platform. Samsung Connect Auto provides the mass market with an affordable connected car solution that places safety and security first, while enriching in-car and out-of-car experience. Samsung Connect Auto will initially be available in the second quarter in the U.S. AT&T will be the first wireless provider of the solution in the U.S.