Samsung releases concepts for CES 2016


CES is like the mirror in a gym. It’s where all the muscle flexing happens for all the tech giants as well as the amateurs who want to show what they’ve got. Keeping that thought in mind, Samsung has unveiled three products that will be on the showroom floor at CES 2016 next week.

The first of the products is the WELT. It looks just like a normal belt but will be able to measure the user’s waist size, eating habits and the number of steps taken, as well as time spent sitting down. It then sends this data to a specially designed app for analysis, and the production of a range of personalised health-care and weight management plans.

Samsung Welt

The second product is a hand-motion controller for VR headsets called the rink. An advanced hand-motion controller for mobile VR devices, rink offers a more intuitive and nuanced way to interact with the virtual world. The ability to intuitively control the game or content just by using their hands provides consumers with a much deeper level of mobile VR immersion.


The final product is a strap called the TipTalk. It is a remarkable new UX that enables people to listen to the sound from their smart devices, such as the Samsung Gear S2, without headsets or earphones, simply by touching their finger to their ear. This enhances the clarity of calls, enabling them to be taken in public, even in noise sensitive or loud environments, such as a concert hall or building site – without the risk of being overheard.


Concept products always generate immense curiosity and we’re very excited to see this in person at CES 2016. For constant live updates from CES 2016, keep an eye on our webpage and social media.

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