Samsung launches world’s largest SSD


At one time a 1.44MB floppy disc used to be enough and now that can’t even fit a decent image on it. As technology improves, so does file size. Our requirement for storage is increasing on a daily basis. And so Samsung announced the release of the world’s largest SSD, the PM1633a.

The PM1633a is 16 terabytes, which is a whole 6TB larger than the previous record holder. Still not getting how huge that is? Lets put that in terms everyone can understand: 16TB would hold over 3 million MP3s, more than 4,000 movies, nearly 5 million digital photos.

Sebastian Anthony from Ars Technica explained how Samsung achieved this accomplishment: “The secret sauce behind Samsung’s 16TB SSD is the company’s new 256Gbit (32GB) NAND flash die; twice the capacity of 128Gbit NAND dies that were commercialised by various chipmakers last year. To reach such an astonishing density, Samsung has managed to cram 48 layers of 3-bits-per-cell (TLC) 3D V-NAND into a single die. This is up from 24 layers in 2013, and 36 layers in 2014″.

An SSD for organisations, not your laptop

Now the product is going to be solely available for the enterprise market for the time being since it’s commercial use is yet unknown. It’s not like you have 5 million photos to back-up, right? Larger multinational corporations and government entities are their current target audience. And the product is going to cost about $8,000 (Dh29,400).



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