Samsung Galaxy Note7 to get Nougat in 2-3 months


Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 was launched recently to great fanfare and we even got a first look at it. Being a brand-new phone and launching around this time of year you would think maybe you’ll be getting Android’s latest Nougat installed on your new Note7 but alas, the timing just didn’t work out. Samsung obviously wanted to launch it well before the iPhone 7 mania and Google just wasn’t ready to ship Nougat out yet.

If you love having Android’s latest and greatest along with Samsung’s greatest, then have no fear. Samsung acknowledges the importance of having the most up-to-date OS on its phones and has claimed that Nougat will make its way to the Note7 in the next 2-3 months, once they’ve gathered enough feedback from its beta testers.

LG recently announced that it would be the first manufacturer to launch a Nougat device with the successor of its popular V10, the V20. The V20 is poised to launch in September. Samsung is keen to not let its local competitor get too far ahead and has made this announcement to assure its followers that Nougat won’t be too far behind, once its beta testers have had a good go at the new OS.

There was a time when device manufacturers would rarely acknowledge or hint at OS updates because of how convoluted the whole process is. It’s good to see that Samsung is keeping its followers up to date with the hope of a Nougat release earlier rather than later.

Here’s our first look at the device.