Samsung’s Note 9 is everything we wanted and more


After a barrage of leaks and rumours, we’ve finally officially seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Here’s everything you need to know about the device.

Samsung’s Note 9 is the South Korean tech giant’s latest flagship device the eighth in the Note series. The Note series legacy includes the company‘s push for large screen devices, multi-window functionality on Android and the Edge innovation, but the number-one reason for customers to get the a Note device is the S Pen.

Samsung Note 9: Design

The new Note 9 looks a lot like its predecessor but there are some minute differences between the two. The Note 9 fits a slightly larger screen, a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display, compared to last year’s 6.3 inches, but is slightly shorter than its predecessor.

It also is slightly thicker but thanks to their new diamond cut tech and a matter and gloss body finish on the body, the phone doesn’t really feel thicker.

Samsung Note 9: Specs


Samsung continues to put gorgeous screens on its devices. The Note 9 comes with a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED QHD display.


Performance is a huge part of this year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The Note 9 will come powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 (varies based on where in the world you are).


Supporting the brand-new processors will be six or eight GB of RAM. Storage will also vary. The 6GB RAM version will come with 128GB of storage and the 8GB RAM version will come with 512GB of storage.

In some crazy scenario where you’re a person who needs more than 512GB on your device, you can expand the storage via microSD to 1TB.


The Note 9 will also now support Giga LTE, which enables download speeds of up to 1.2GB per second.


The upgrade I’m most excited for is the new battery in the Note series. The device will now come with a large 4000mAh battery, which Samsung claims will take a user right through the day.

Operating system

Unfortunately there’s no pie at the end of this tunnel. The Samsung Note 9 will come preloaded with Android Oreo 8.1.


Continuing the footsteps of its predecessors, the Samsung Note 9 will come with IP68 water and dust resistance. So you still don’t to worry about using the phone in the rain or if you spill something on it.


The Note 9 will come with AKG-tuned stereo speakers. One will be a front-facing speaker mounted on the top and one bottom-firing speaker.

Samsung Note 9: Gaming

The Samsung Note 9 this year comes with a mighty focus it hasn’t really seen before: Gaming. To ensure a great experience, Samsung adds the following to the Note 9:

1) Water carbon cooling system – Similar to the one on the Samsung S9+ but with more storage space for more water to keep the device cooler.
2) 3x thermal spreader
3) 3.5x less heat loss carbon fibre interface
4) On-device AI-based performance adjuster to close apps in the background in the scenario your phone is getting too hot.

Samsung Note 9: Work

With the Samsung Dex, the company took mobile productivity to a PC-like level. Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues with it was that you still needed an external device to use this functionality.

Now all you need to work the Dex system is an HDMI-USB Type C cable
Now all you need to work the Dex system is an HDMI to USB type-C cable

Well all that goes away with the Note 9. Now all you need is a USB type-C to HDMI cable and any monitor or TV is your Dex space. Thanks to the improved cooling tech in the phone (mentioned in gaming above), the phone doesn’t need to be cooled by a separate Dex unit.

Samsung Note 9: S-Pen

The S-Pen for the Note 9 gets a major bump in importance this time around. The S-Pen is now a low-energy Bluetooth device with a super capacitor in it. The S-Pen (for its Bluetooth-related functions) has a 30-minute battery-life and takes 40 seconds to charge. All you have to do is pop it back in the phone and the S-Pen will begin charging.

So why did Samsung add Bluetooth to the S-Pen, you ask? Simple. To give it more control. For example, you can use it to go through slides in a presentation, or control a YouTube video, etc.

One great thing about this update is that the S-Pen’s SDK for Bluetooth functionality has been released to developers to use this feature on their respective apps.

Samsung Note 9: Camera

The Note 9 camera will be the same as the one on the S9+ but the only difference being it will be in a horizontal layout, unlike the S9+’s vertical one. The rear will have two 12MP+12MP (f1.5-f/2.4 + f/2.4) with OIS setup and the front an 8MP camera. Another little design tweek is that the colour of the camera module matches that of the device.

On the software front, the camera can recognise up to 20 scenes and enhance your pictures accordingly. There’s also a feature called Flaw Detection, which can tell you as soon as a picture is taken if someone has blinked in the picture, if the lens is dirty or the image was backlit or blurred.

HDR and Live Focus have also been added to enhance the user’s low-light photography experience.

Samsung Note 9: Colours 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will come in four colours this year: Ocean blue, metallic copper, midnight black and lavender purple.

A unique thing about the S-Pens this year is that they will write in the colours of the S-Pen itself. So for example, you get yourself the ocean blue Note 9, which comes with a yellow S-Pen, you’ll be writing in the colour yellow. A cute little feature added on Samsung’s part in my opinion.

Samsung Note 9: Price and availability

The pricing for the Samsung Note 9 is as follows:

6GB/128GB: Dh3,699

8GB/512GB: Dh4,599

The device is available on and all other major retail outlets in the UAE.


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